Respect the Proposal


Respect the Proposal
By Jill Gernaat, Southwest Michigan PTAC

Are you ready to submit a proposal? Have dotted all of the i’s and crossed the t’s? Did you read the small print in the solicitation? Here is a checklist to help you submit the best proposal possible.

1) Respect the page length requirement

2) Respect any font requirement

3) Don’t skip issues: If you don’t have it, address it

4) Read it, Read it again, then read it again

5) Disperse each section to the appropriate department. Ex: Ask quality manager about the quality control program, ask HR for uncompensated overtime policy, etc.

6) Don’t wait until the last minute to deliver – Allow for technology glitches and address changes

7) If you know you’re not the lowest price, give the CO a reason to justify using you – better, faster, cheaper, lighter?

8) If there is an error within the solicitation, bring it to the CO’s attention immediately – don’t address it in the proposal

9) Watch for question cut-off dates. The CO needs time to give answers to all potential bidders prior to proposal submission

10) Ask a PTAC counselor to review your proposal before submission. It’s free and it’s what we do.

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