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MONROE – PTACS of Michigan


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2 thoughts on “MONROE

  1. Hello,

    I’m the VP of Sales for KUNZ Corporation here in the US. I work from an office in Temperance, MI.

    My company is exploring steps to get on GSA. I notice PTAC offers assistance in getting an ACES Business Representative Certificate or DOD ECA Certificate.

    Thanks in advance for the kind support. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Patrick Caligiuri
    Vice President, Sales & Marketing
    Mobile: 1.419.215.1289
    Email: patrick.caligiuri@kunz-aircraft.com

    1. Hello,
      Please go to http://www.ptacsofmichigan.org to the “offices” page. Enter your county to find your local PTAC office. Contact information for your local PTAC office will be provided. Please use that and not the comments option.
      Thank you,
      PTACs of Michigan.

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