General Dynamics Land Systems Maneuver Collaboration Center (MC2)

On July 26-27th, 2012 the members of the PTACs of Michigan had the chance to learn about General Dynamics Land Systems’ Maneuver Collaboration Center (GDLS mc2), as one of General Dynamics’ staff shared what mc2 is all about and how it could be useful as a collaboration tool between GDLS  and the industrial base.

The mc2 facility, which is state-of-the-art and features a beginning to end life cycle laboratory, is meant to be a new model for collaboration between General Dynamics’ team, customers, suppliers, academia, and warfighters. There is an online virtual community where one can view “need statements” broken down by certain technology thrust areas and respond to them with innovative solutions that could potentially fulfill that need. Currently, these technology thrust areas consist of system integration & architecture, reduce operations & support cost, lethality, automation & autonomous, survivability, mobility, power & energy, subsystem development, and process technology/other.

To learn more about General Dynamics Land Systems’ Maneuver Collaboration Center, the online virtual community, and how you can participate, go to


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